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Ilikemysocks in two minutes

“I am looking at the pile of finished sweaters: I know where and how the cotton grew, who dyed it and who knitted them. I know there are not any harmful substances and nobody worked under unfair conditions. I appreciate objects when I can understand how they are made and when I know they didn't...

Wool and nothing else

I love wool. A good wool sweater is the best partner in winter. Don't say it itches, merino wool doesn't do that. Neither does it make you sweat, only the blends with synthetic fibres do. Natural wool is an exceptional insulator and breathable at the same time. It is also able to absorb humidity. In...

Going to school (in Uganda)

In the weeks I spent in Uganda, I have had the privilege of witnessing the end of the school year in Lubanda Village and around the district. I have seen the children coming back home with a sheet of paper in their hands. I think the sheet is their school report. They don't have envelope,...

The race track on paper

manualitats paper reciclat amb nens- manualidades papel reciclado con niños- crafts for kids recycled paper
The kids are still on holidays. Summer is an opportunity to enjoy spare time without worrying about timetables and strict schedules. It is a pleasure to listen to them when they are inventing worlds and stories from nothing and their imagination can flow without following any planned game. But sometimes this magic doesn't happen. In...
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