About us

ILIKEMYSOCKS is a project based in Barcelona which produces and sells handmade baby clothes. The production is made in Uganda through a local NGO, with cotton and wool obtained in an ethical way. Our mission is to offer a product which can be traced back to the origin of the raw materials themselves, and where all the production was done under high standards of respect to people and the planet.

That is the background for the name ILIKEMYSOCKS: because behind every item there is the assurance of knowing that there are no synthetic fibers nor harmful chemicals. And nobody worked against his or her wishes, nor were the sheep mistreated.

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We are Oriol and Meri, Guillem and Thierry’s parents, and this is a family adventure. To know how the world is, beyond our daily life, is something we are passionate about, because we know it makes us more flexible, enthusiastic and aware of other realities and other cultures. These are the values behind our project and what we want to teach our two young sons.

We met each other whilst studying architecture, which is currently our job. Before we had children, we travelled as much as we could, and we discovered Africa with Guillem’s adoption. Gradually, the things that motivated us took form: our interest in travelling, to be a family, handmade things and knowing where all the stuff we are using came from. The inspiration from the babies we love and we saw being born. The concern to offer our sons a healthy lifestyle.

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On the way, we were given many ideas by people who shared with us their visions, advice and experience. To them, we say thank you! It is humbling to see how much you can learn from others’ generosity. And, as we are much more interested in adventures than in routine, here is ILIKEMYSOCKS.


SUUBI CENTRE is a Ugandan NGO who, in collaboration with HELPUSGROW, works to promote the development of Lubanda Village rural community. Their idea is to create an empowering environment where people freely can work for self-development. There is no doubt that the best way to progress is to learn, and this is what they are betting for. They are offering training to children and adults and supporting personal projects. They also set up a clinic which, besides giving treatment, makes an invisible but very valuable task of promoting health and educating the locals. The centre is based on empowerment, ensuring that paternalism is not tolerated and is not affiliated with any religious groups.


David is the soul of the project. He encourages everybody to achieve their goals, and Helen looks for the resources to make it possible. The best is the way they do it: they are a community. The questions are discussed with all those involved. And rural Ugandan character is open and flexible with their own ideas. Working together, along with great pragmatism- I think these are their strengths.


Suubi Centre is the umbrella project, under which is the knitting group. The ladies from the knitting group work very hard and with genuine commitment to make their mark on this project. Mostly they are mothers and farmers. Some of them are relatives, here families are big. Their hands are skilful, used to crafts and other works. And knitting is something that can be made everywhere, with few tools, whilst still enjoying and sharing the afternoon with friends. Between us, there is a huge cultural, social and also linguistic divide… but it was easy to find a way to work together, which was honest and clear. Like us, they want to make this project work, and enjoy the journey.

And all of us are aware that behind every pair of knitting hands are a family too. We hope you like ILIKEMYSOCKS!